We are in the business of telling stories. Our approach is simple: you tell us your vision, and we make it come to life through music. We understand that every project is unique, sometimes less is more and sometimes it takes an orchestra. No matter the place, time, or character, our close attention to detail will capture the essence of what is happening on the screen, giving your project a voice that is both unique and memorable.




Our Talent

Artists featured here are members of The Young Blood, a loose collective of Vanacore’s most promising young talents who still love and care about music in all its forms. The Young Blood allow Vanacore to bring an unparalleled array of modern styles and sounds to any project, and deliver solutions that are fresh, unexpected and immediately relevant.
Ken Berry copy
Ken Berry

Ken is a Michigan native who grew up in the home of the Gibson guitar, known as Kalamazoo.  After studying classical guitar at Wayne State University in Detroit and earning a Bachelors in Studio and Jazz from the University of Miami, Ken headed to L.A. to pursue a career with his guitar.  Bands and session work led to 5 incredible years of touring with Barry Manilow in the ‘90s.

While working as a studio guitarist for David Vanacore, Ken discovered a passion for writing to picture.  He began working on scripted shows, such as Renegade and documentaries like Behind the Music; before he knew it, he was helping David usher in the beginning of Reality TV, i.e. Survivor, Temptation Island, Joe Millionaire.

Dave has kept Ken busy ever since.  Recently he’s worked on Trading Spouses, Undercover Boss, Wipeout, and has written the themes to Big Brother and other hit shows.  He has also managed to fit in writing for a few independent films/documentaries when he’s not playing the guitar around town.

Matt Koskenmaki

Matt “Danger” Koskenmaki has worked for Vanacore Music since Vanacore Music was just Dave Vanacore and a computer in a closet.  He has since moved on from Dave’s closet to owning and operating his own studio in La Cañada.  Matt can open any bottle of wine in under 5 seconds, solve a rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes, and is an accomplished welder of modern art.  Four golf courses in Los Angeles have stocked Sierra Nevada beer just for him.  While at Vanacore Music, Matt has received 11 BMI Film & TV Awards for various well-known Reality TV shows such as American Chopper, The Ultimate Fighter, and, most recently, Undercover Boss.

Tim Riley

Tim Riley has been writing music for TV and film in Los Angeles since 2002.  He’s worked extensively with Vanacore Music, contributing music for hundreds of network and cable TV shows, most notably Survivor.  Credits include co-composer duties on the Discovery Channel’s Surgery Saved My Life, and several TV themes co-written with David Vanacore.

In film, Tim has scored numerous shorts including Prick (2012, dir. Ryan Nelson) and The Missing Pages (2009, dir. Salvador Paniagua), as well as feature The Wednesday Night Save the World Society.

On the web, you can hear his opening theme for Beyond the Marquee at beyondthemarquee.com/category/the-show.

Craig Owens

Craig was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been writing music since he was 6 years old when he first picked up the accordion.  He is classically trained by Julliard teachers and has studied record production at UCLA, but has a rock n’ roll background as well – producing records, playing in bands, working as a recording engineer in top LA studios, conducting a 32 piece orchestra on the Eastman Scoring Stage…if it’s music, he’s done it!

He’s been working with David Vanacore since 2004 after he answered a call for an additional composer and got the gig. Craig writes custom music for Vanacore Music everyday and considers himself lucky to be doing what he loves. He describes himself as a passionate, emotional, obsessively detailed, and bit insane – requisite ingredients for a working musician!

John Nooney

“I wake up and make music everyday. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, ya know, like this is a dream and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But for now, I just put the other shoe on and keep walking”, John says as he describes his successful career as a musician.

He began chasing the dream at the University of Montana where he received a Bachelors in Music Composition and Advanced Study in Orchestration & Electronic music.  In search of a start he landed in Los Angeles and began working as a television commercial and independent film composer until he found a home at Vanacore in 2004.  He’s been with the Vanacore family for 10 years and has successfully composed incredible underscore music, resulting in 6 BMI Awards for shows like Undercover Boss, Dirty Jobs, Out of The Wild: Alaska Experiment and more.

More Talent

Our Work

Gotta Do It

Competitive watermelon seed spitting?  Well guess what…it exists and Mike Rowe is the man to check it out as he takes the challenge of exploring unique professions  that have sprung up across the country on his latest show venture, Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Enjoy this scene as our composers amp up the dramatic orchestral underscore that prepares Mike for the seed spitting contest of his life.


200 Ghostly Adventures

The TAPS team has ventured far and wide to come in contact with the paranormal world for an astounding 200 episodes!  We’ve helped mold the eerie ghoulish sound of this show throughout many years and are proud to celebrate this milestone with them.

Treehouse Masters

Pete Nelson, tree house whisperer & builder extraordinaire, has done it again! This time it’s for A.J., a young boy who has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.  Listen as our custom music weaves in and out of these scenes as Pete introduces the magical Box Troll-inspired tree house to a boy whose dream is about to come true.

Hell’s Kitchen

Scott Commings, winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 12,  is now reigning over the kitchen floor at Vegas’ Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Ceasars Palace.  But before all of this, he had to survive a hell of a lot of tense gripping moments with his team!  Watch them cope with each other as they compete to win.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has introduced us to some of the  wildest divas of the East Coast up to now.  Listen to our our tunes that weave throughout these scenes as you meet the newest sassy ‘i control everything‘ cast member who will be spicing things up on the new season.

Vanacore Music Notes

It’s been a pleasure to work with MTV’s TMI* Queen, Rochelle Holguin, over the past couple of years. If there’s anyone with an exceptional keen ear for new, up-and-coming artists in the world of programming, it’s her! We’re proud of all her hard work and we congratulate her on the well-deserved recognition by Hispanic Executive […]

2015 / 01 / 22
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Do you have the next brilliant concept for a reality/docuseries? If so, get one step closer to getting your idea out there and on TV. Realscreen’s Summit Showdown pitch competition entry deadline was just extended by a week to December 19th! Don’t hesitate and submit now. You will get the opportunity to pitch your idea […]

2014 / 12 / 12
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Variety celebrates the man behind the hellish kitchen on TV that we’ve all grown to love! Gordon Ramsay, host to 4 shows, producer of One Potato Two Potato, owner of 24 restaurants worldwide, triathlete and more, celebrates his successful billion dollar brand.  It all began with Hell’s Kitchen, a fan favorite, which has now reached […]

2014 / 10 / 28
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Vanacore Music is back as sponsor of Realscreen Summit‘s upcoming 2015 Summit Showdown.  Hopefuls will get the opportunity to pitch their one-of-a-kind unscripted/non-fiction series or non-fiction documentary/one-off to a set of distinguished judges that will include television network execs.  The finalists will battle it out live in front of judges and spectators in a grand […]

2014 / 10 / 27
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The Vanacore team is excited to announce that we have re-launched our website with brand new features including our talent, playlists, tidbits about us and more! For the fist time EVER…meet THE YOUNG BLOOD talent behind the music. They are the blood, sweat and tears behind the underscore that you enjoy on television every night. […]

2014 / 10 / 20
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